Summer & Sunscreen


Well spring has sprung and the weather is steadily getting warmer in North Carolina. It's that time when everyone tries to determine what sun screen to put on themselves and their children (if you have a family). 

I am here to share some feedback on the sunscreens I have banished, tried, and am sticking with at this point (the feedback is my own). I have two daughters and naturally as a parent, I am mostly concerned with their skin over mine. A few years ago I went on the hunt to research and determine which would be the best sunscreen for them. I narrowed my list down to two after reading countless reviews and articles. 

My husband and I also use the same sunscreen as well.


I admit the spray sunscreen is convenient and easier to rub in when your in a rush but I have yet to come across one that is natural. I have been guilty of using this when in a pinch or if I have forgotten mine and there is no other option. If you have found any natural spray sunscreen please share with me because I would be very interested to try it and will report my reviews. 


I have tried California Baby sunscreen. It goes on relatively easy (fairly thin) and I do think it works for the most part however, it is expensive and I have shied away from using this because the tube goes very quickly.

What We Currently Use:

Badger Sunscreen SPF 35 - Sport. I never know how many people have heard of this company but I thought I would share. You can find them in many natural food stores like EarthFare, Whole Foods, etc. The tube is smaller (2.9 oz) and prices at $15.99.

Yes it seems expensive but this stuff is THICK. You do not need a lot, a little goes a long way. The downside is you have to be patient as it does take longer to apply the cream because it is so thick. However, I have more confidence in its performance. You will look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost but it does stay on through sweat and even in the pool. It has also been rated year after year as the best all natural sunscreen. 

Unfortunately, they do not have a spray option but if they ever came out with one I would love to try it. 

I know my list is not large but I am hoping everyone will weigh in with any feedback on sunscreen you have tried. 

Have fun in the sun!




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