Summer & Sunscreen Update!

Greetings everyone!

I am back with an update to my last blog post regarding sunscreens for summer. 

I found an all natural spray sunscreen by Kiss My Face at Whole Foods late last week. I have looked up every ingredient in the EWG Skin Deep database and couldn't find anything that would make this a "bad for you" product. Because this product is new, you will not find it in there yet. 

My husband and daughter went to a baseball game on Sunday and knowing they would be baking under the sun I experimented on them. Here is my feedback and tips after trying this:

1) It does work and is very good (no sunburn for either of them!) You will look mildly like Caspar the Ghost and I therefore can tell you it has staying power.

2) It is called a spray lotion and it is surprisingly like lotion when it goes on though it is thin but not too runny. I therefore recommend spraying this on your kids out of the house or somewhere you don't mind getting a bit white from the spray. 

3) The Spray: It is not as strong of a spray as the regular aerosol sunscreens. It is gentler and won't hurt anyone's skin. I didn't get any complaints about it being cold either. 

4) Face: The recommendation for any spray sunscreen is that you do NOT spray it directly on their face. Therefore, you should spray the sunscreen in your hand and apply it to their face. It will rub in like a lotion so a little goes a long way with this product which is nice. Hopefully it will last longer :)

5) Price: I think I paid 13.99 for this and it was on sale. I don't think that is too terrible for an all natural, easy to use and works! sunscreen. But I will leave that up to you. 

Pediatric Recommended Sunscreen for 2015

I took my youngest daughter to the doctor today and she provided me with a list of safe and recommended sunscreens for the summer and so I thought I would share them with everyone. Please keep in mind that this list was created by the pediatricians from the EWG database promoting less toxic sunscreen :)

LIST: Raw Elements, Honest Company, Badger, ThinkSport, ThinkBaby, John Masters, Seventh Generation, Sunology, and California Baby. 

I know mine isn't listed but I told my doctor about it and that I checked the ingredients so she is going to buy some and check it out and add it to the list :)

Have fun in the sun!



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