After Sun Skin Care

Whether you forgot your sunscreen or slathered yourself in it, everyone should pledge to have a good after sun skin care routine. 

What should you use?

Sunflower Oil 

A delightfully light and dryer oil, it is ideal for after sun care and will help ease and nourish skin. Try our Spearmint Salve to moisturize skin in need of some extra TLC this summer. It is a wonderful all purpose salve that is great not only for knees, elbows and hands but for lips, face and body. Though sunflower oil has a naturally low SPF, you will need to apply sunscreen to avoid the burn. It is also non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores making it ideal to use as a facial moisturizer if your in a pinch.

Coconut Oil

This oil is a bit heavier than sunflower oil but as you know does wonders for your skin. Not to mention it smells like a tropical island. This is a wonderful all over body oil that will moisturize and repair skin from being in the sun. It is also great to use as a conditioning treatment on your hair after its been exposed to chlorine and or salt water for all you beach goers. Try our Coconut Oil for restorative skin benefits.

Will it clog your pores? It has a fairly high rating for comedogenic so it will vary person to person as to whether it will clog pores. I have fairly oily skin, a T-zone to be precise and it is very active during the balmy summer months in North Carolina. I do still use it for my face from time to time but have switched to using our Facial Serum. 

Rosehip Seed Oil

Earthy, golden in color, and immensely healing for your skin, rosehip seed oil is prized for its many qualities, healing/soothing burns in particular. This oil is also very rich and promotes skin regeneration as well. Our Facial Serum is comprised of this special oil which is a bit heavier but low on the comedogenic scale so it is unlikely that it will clog your pores.  


Here's to a fun summer in the sun!


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