Exfoliation: Salt or Sugar?


Salt or Sugar? Which is the better abrasive? How frequently can I exfoliate?

We have been asked these questions a lot lately. To be honest, there isn't a right or wrong answer. It comes down to personal preference. Today we will look at both substances to help you determine which is the best personal choice for you and your skin. 

Dead Sea Salt





Nutrient rich and a fairly fine particle, this salt is incorporated into all of our scrubs. This salt has been known to withdraw toxins from the body as well as soothe various skin ailments. 

Epsom Salt 
This salt, also incorporated in all of our scrubs, is packed with nutrients and healing properties that have been touted for centuries. The particle size on Epsom salt is much larger than Dead Sea Salt. One of the common uses for Epsom salt is its ability to relieve tired and aching muscles. 
Salts in general are a larger, coarser particle in comparison to sugar so the scrub will be more abrasive. If you are in need of a good scrubbing the salt is a great option. It is also wonderful to drop a few spoonfuls of this scrub into your tub to help soak tired muscles. 
Sugar is a very fine particle and not only is it used for cooking but we use it in all of our sugar scrub products. Surprisingly sugar does have benefits for your skin! A natural humectant, sugar draws moisture to your skin to help keep you hydrated. It also contains glycolic acid which does wonders in breaking down those pesky dead skin cells, encouraging fresher skin. 
Which to choose?
If you want a milder abrasive experience, we recommend choosing one of our sugar scrubs. If your skin needs a "pick me up," or you just like a coarser substance, try one of our salt scrubs. Many people like the healing benefits associated with the various salts and tend to pick a salt over sugar.

No matter which scrub you choose, ours will leave your skin extremely moisturized. I have heard from customers and can say from personal experience that I do not need a moisturizer after showering with a scrub. The oil will leave your skin hydrated, looking plump and refreshed. 

Caution: Please be careful upon exiting your tub or shower as it might be slightly slippery from the moisturizing oils. We also like to include bits of whatever herb or fruit we are putting into the scrub so remember to wash the debris down the drain. 

When/How much to Exfoliate?

Since summer has begun, I have found that in the warmer weather my skin benefits from scrubbing every other day. We usually recommend two times a week but in warmer weather your skin will stay glowing and hydrated if you do it more frequently. In the colder weather, since my skin tends to be dryer, I stick to the recommended times and scrub 2-3 times a week. 

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