Shelf Life and Product Care


Today we are going to discuss the shelf life of our products and how to appropriately care for them. 

First lets start with our Facial Care.

If kept within a relatively cool temperature and not put in direct sunlight your Toner should last you at least a year. How to tell if it's gone bad? When you open the bottle it will start to smell funky ... then its time to ditch it and order more

Our Facial Grains are made of dried substances so as long as you do not allow moisture to get into the container it should last you 2 years. 

Facial Serum: if kept out of extreme heat and sunlight, it will last 1 year. 


The Spearmint Salve, Lotion Bars, & Massage Bar should last 1 -2 years if kept out of extreme heat. If they melt from the heat, pop them back in the refrigerator to allow them to harden. 

Coconut Oil can go rancid after time. Remember, coconut oil will stay semi-solid at temperatures 76 degrees and lower. When the temperature exceeds 76 it will start to liquefy and that is OK. Always use clean hands when scooping into your jar and your oil should last about 2 years. Can the oil go rancid? Absolutely and it will start to look and smell bad. 

Body Scrubs

Having clean hands when scooping into your scrub is key. Also, avoid extreme heat and sunlight exposure. By following these few steps your scrub should last at least 1 year. How to tell if its gone bad? Like food, it may grow mold and will start to smell funky. 

Bath & Teas

All of our bath teas and milk bath are comprised of dried substances. To ensure potency, they should be discarded after 2 years. However, if they are exposed to water, they may start to grow mold. 

Massage Oil

Just like our other oils, if exposed to extreme heat for a prolonged period of time it will cause the oil to go rancid faster. Otherwise, if properly stored, the massage oil should last for at least 1 year.

Men's Rustics

Our men's line follows the same procedure as the other products. The Hand Salve and Facial Balm should be kept out of extreme heat and direct sunlight. If properly stored they should last you at least 1 - 2 years. 

The men's Toner will also last at least 1-2 years if the same precautions are taken. 

Still have some questions? No problem. Check out our FAQ page or contact us! We'd love to hear from you. 



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