Rosehip Seed Oil: The Next Coconut Oil

What is rosehip seed oil? This magical oil is derived from rosehip seeds that are found on wild rose bushes from late summer to autumn. The most common wild roses are Rosa canina and Rosa rugosa which are most often found and harvested in Chile. The small fruit is best cold pressed to preserve nutrients and to prevent alterations from heat exposure.

Rosehip seed oil by nature is a rich amber color with an earthy aroma. Though it can be applied to the skin directly out of the bottle, it is often used in lotions and other skin care recipes. The oil itself is rich in Vitamin C, various antioxidants and rich fatty acids. It is also considered a "dry" oil however, for those of us that have oily skin, it is best to do a skin patch test. *As with any oil you have not used before, it is best to do a small patch skin test to ensure you do not have a reaction to it. 

Over the past several years this oil has been considered a miracle oil due to various studies that were conducted and the results that were observed in individuals who used this oil over a prolonged period of time, typically 1 month.

So what does it do?

- helps to hydrate skin, reduce age spots, soften fine lines and wrinkles

- effective in treating keloid scars

- effective in treating scalds, burns, stretch marks and varicose veins

- rosehip powder was ingested in one study and found to have anti-inflammatory properties as well

Our Facial Serum is handcrafted using rosehip seed oil as the primary ingredient. Using a small amount, apply it to your face and neck area to feel its moisturizing benefits. Easy to use and small enough to travel with, rosehip seed oil should be a part of everyone's facial routine. 

Rosehip seed oil should be stored away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. When following these simple guidelines, our facial serum should be used within 1 year. 

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