New Product Announcement: Bath Melts

Bath Melts are here!

Our bath melts are made with luxurious butters and oils that when added to your bath will leave your skin feeling amazing. Use caution when exiting your tub as it may be slippery. 

These melts may look small but they pack a serious punch of hydration to your bath. So let your skin drink up the goodness. In each container you will receive 2 bars. 

So how does one use a Bath Melt? While the warm water is running, toss a bath melt into your tub. The bar will slowly melt into the water creating an oasis for your skin. Don't be dismayed by their size, a little goes a long way. We also recommend experimenting with the amount you need per bath size. For example, for a small bath, half of the bar may do the trick. 

A little information about our ingredients:

Cocoa Butter: Thick, rich, and creamy, this butter has natural antioxidants and Vitamin E to help hydrate and soothe skin. 

Mango Butter: Naturally emollient, this rich butter also has regenerative properties to help heal skin. 

Kokum Butter: Dry and flaky in texture, this butter restores skin elasticity, flexibility and helps to regenerate the skin. 

Macadamia Oil: Nutty and light, this oil not only regenerates skin but has a high absorption rate and is extremely healing.

Kui Kui Oil: Healing, soothing, and readily penetrable, this oil provides many important elements of skin care. 

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