5 Reason Why You Should be Using a Toner

What in the world is a toner? Is this another gimmick to get me to buy something I don't need? What does it do for my skin? How do I use one?

You are not alone if you have asked yourself those questions. Unfortunately, the industry has not done a great job of promoting the benefits of toner and so it remains a confusing category. In fact, I can't ever remember it being noted as an important product in the beauty regimen while growing up. However, I am here to tell you that it IS important and it DOES work. Here's why...

1) Toners shrink and tighten pores which keep out dirt and bad bacteria that cause breakouts and other skin issues. 

2) Toners help even out skin tone. 

3) Toners help brighten your skin. 

4) Toners remove bad bacteria which cause breakouts depending on the herbs that are used. 

5) Toners are great for removing grime and sweat, keeping your skin fresh all day, and are even handy as a make-up remover.

Finding a good quality toner can be challenging but here are a few things you want to avoid. 

1) DON'T buy a toner with alcohol. It will dry your skin and cause irritation. 

2) DON'T buy a toner that has water listed as the first ingredient. Water is filler.

3) DON'T use a toner after putting on makeup. 

How to Use a Toner

It's quite simple. Cleanse your face as you normally would and spray/pour some of the toner onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face. Make sure to focus on the T zone if you are prone to oily or combo skin. That's it! It's that simple. The key is to use it often and to be consistent. 

What is in a Toner?

At Buds & Scrubs we use a combination of pure Witch Hazel and herbs, no water here!. The herbs are steeped and essential oils are added to the toner to increase skin benefits. The herbs and oils that are chosen provide various skin benefits such as antibacterial, brightening, de-puffing, etc. 


So what are you waiting for? Grab a toner while supplies last!

Take care,


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