Why Lotion Bars Rock!

A bar of lotion ... are you serious? Yes. We are.

Treat your skin to one of our lotion bars made with velvety rich butters that will leave your skin hydrated, soft and silky smooth. For those of you who like a more solid bar that will glide over the skin without melting too easily our Original Bar is for you. If you prefer a softer richer bar, one that can be rubbed on the hands and then massaged into your skin try our SuperMelt Bar. No matter which you choose, your skin will be left moisturized without the greasy mess. 

If that isn't reason enough to try one, read on for our top 5 reasons why lotion bars rock!

Top 5 Reasons Lotion Bars Rock!

1. Preservative Free - Handcrafted using quality butters, beeswax and a smidgen of oil, these rockin' bars do not require a preservative. We do however recommend using yours within 1 year. 

2. Travel is a Breeze - No need to worry about a 3oz bottle. Our lotion bars come in a container and can be stowed in your purse, luggage, or other travel bag without the hassle. And you can travel safely knowing you won't have a surprise mess waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

3. Easy to Use - Simple and easy to use, our lotion bars warm to the heat of your body and will glide over your skin leaving it sumptuously soft. TIP: keep your bar away from direct sunlight and intense heat. If it melts, pop it in the fridge to harden it up.

4. Kiss Razor Burn Goodbye! - Glide the bar over freshly shaven skin and massage in the butters and oils for moisturized skin all day long. Battling bikini razor burn? This bar will help you get through the rest of summer without the pain.

5. The Bar That Does it All! - Suitable for people of all ages, our lotion bars will not only leave your skin super moisturized they are also great for a variety of skin issues. To name a few: lip balm, diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, razor burn, those pesky dry spots, and eczema. 

Do you love lotions bars? We'd love to hear how you use lotion bars in your daily routine. 




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