5 Must Haves for Your Back to School Kit!

Back to School, Back to Winter, Back to Colds! Grab these 5 items for your arsenal!

Keep your little ones healthy and happy this year with some of our fun, kid friendly products. 

Handy Little Salve

Our Spearmint Salve is a wonderful do it all balm that can be used for chapped lips, dry hands, sore noses, chest rub for coughs and its size makes it great for on the go storage. 


Fun in the Tub!

Keep dry skin at bay with our fun Bath Melts! Our melts will pack a serious punch of hydration to your child's skin. They are made with rich butters and oils sprinkled with pink salt and lavender buds.  Tips: Beware of slippery feet and tub! Experiment with how much you need for a 'child size' bath. You can easily break the bar apart. 

Relieve Stuffy Noses!

If your little one is suffering from nasal congestion, our Soothing Muscle Bath Tea will help provide comfort and relief. To soak in the tub, drop one sachet in the bath while the water is running. For a stronger bath, you may boil water in a teapot, steep the bag in 2 cups of water and add that water to their bath. 

We understand that when children are under the weather a bath is the last thing they may want. You can use the herbs to create a great facial steam for them. Boil water, put 1 tbsp of herbs in a bowl and pour the water over them. Let your little one hover their face over the water with a towel over their head to lock in the moisture and aroma.  


Relieve Dry Skin!

Fight dry skin with our nutrient rich Lotion Bar. Great for travel, to stash in your purse or for use whenever, wherever, our lotion bar will help combat dry skin all winter. Simply hold the bar in your hand to warm the butters and oils and glide over the skin. If you prefer, you may also break little pieces of the bar and rub it into the skin. Our bars also make a wonderfully thick balm for chapped lips. You may also use this as a moisturizer for dry chapped facial skin as well. A little goes a long way!

Coconut Oil - need we say more!

In case we do, you can use Coconut Oil for virtually anything: Head to Toe moisturizer, smooth flyaway hair, lip balm, chapped skin, chapped lips, makeup remover, soothe razor burn, soothe the last days of sunburn, cook with it, bathe with it, facial cleanser, oil pulling for teeth, etc. 

 Here's to a great year!

Pam & Jen


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