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Our Story

It was October 2004, sitting on my couch reading a book when it hit me, intense pain in my abdomen. I could barely get up off the couch, couldn’t bend over and I slowly walked downstairs to find my mom. One look and she said your having a gallbladder attack. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of the rest of my life…
After two surgeries, years of doctor’s visits, blood tests, scans, and GI tests (I think I have had them all) with no certain results, it wasn’t until September of 2012 that I was finally diagnosed as having Lupus. Relieved at having a diagnosis but upset that this meant forever – forever with joint pain, abdominal pain, lung pain, chill blains, Raynaud’s, dry eyes, skin issues – I was determined to not let this disease rule my life.
It was around 2010 that I started thinking, could what I be eating and putting on my skin impact how severe my flare-ups are? I had no idea but I had nothing to lose. Countless hours of reading led me to realize how many chemicals are in food, skin care and household products. Many of them are not regulated but there is plenty of research that proves they are harmful.

With my family’s support (loving husband and 2 beautiful girls) I overhauled our diets (natural/less processed), I went gluten free, purged our house of unsafe cleaning products, and set out to find natural skincare products I could trust. This proved to be challenging. I found products to not be as pure as I hoped and being filled with derivatives I couldn’t pronounce just didn’t sit well with me.
My sister and I began making our own products, ones that were honest, trustworthy and made with all natural ingredients from sustainable, organic and fair trade suppliers who have very high standards. We turned our newfound passion into Buds & Scrubs.
We take all natural skincare seriously. After all we are what we put on our skin – our largest, fastest growing, and highly absorbent organ. So much focus has been on food and though diet is very important, your skin is too. We hope you will join Buds & Scrubs on our quest for living a healthier, happier life with naturally glowing skin.
Take Care,
Pam & Jen