What is the status of my order?

When your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a tracking number that you can use to track your order. 

How do I return an item?

We strive to provide you with quality products. If you are not satisfied, please reference our shipping and returns page for further information. 

How do I cancel an order?

Once an order is placed, you cannot cancel it. If you wish to cancel the order, please contact us.  

Who do I contact with questions or issues?

If you have a question about our products, website, service, or you wish to report an issue please contact us

Do you have an ingredient list?

We strive to use natural ingredients and to maintain transparency with regards to our products. You may access our ingredient list HERE

Do you have retail stores?

At this time, BUDS & SCRUBS is strictly an online store. However, you can find us at certain markets and fairs within North Carolina. Customers will be informed of retail store openings in the future. 

Do you offer product samples?

We do offer samples upon request for a small fee. Please contact us.  

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of our product and shipping packaging is recyclable or compostable. All jars, bottles, tins are recyclable. Our shipping materials are recyclable and the filler can be composted. 

Do you have a product catalog?

We currently do not offer a product catalog to avoid extra waste. If you have questions about our products, please contact us and we can assist you. 

Do you use preservatives?

All of our products are 100% natural and do not contain preservatives. Despite this, our products can last for 6 months or even up to a year if they are kept in a cool environment and out of bright light.  It is important to remember that like food, natural products can begin to discolor, smell bad or even form mold. If you notice this with your product, it is time to throw the product out.

Do you offer gift cards?

At this time we do not offer gift cards but may in the future. Please check back with us for updates!

Do you allow for custom orders?

We want our customers to be thoroughly satisfied with the products we offer. If you do not see something you want please contact us and we will work with you to meet your requests. Please note that depending on your requests, custom orders may take up to two weeks to process due to the time it takes to make them.  

A little tip on Coconut oil.

When using as body moisturizer, a little goes a long way!! Also, Coconut oil has a lower melting point of 76 degrees. Therefore, you may see your oil solidify and melt more frequently. This is completely normal.